A music composer known as composing video game music.
Began playing piano and electronic organ in her childhood.
After studied music composition in University, she was hired in video game company as a sound production member, and worked for many video game titles.
Her accomplished works include “Goemon 2”, “Detana! TwinBee” in addition to her most world hit series “Catslevania”.
As a freelance after quitting the game company in 2008, she started to compose music in widely variety fields such as film, anime, and healing music, and also she started her stage performance in foreign countries in Europe, North America, Latin, and Asia.
As a freelance her works include “Skullgirls”, “Skullgirls 2nd Encore”,
and the ongoing new project “Bloodstained.”

In 2017, her 30th anniversary year as a composer,
she is planning her world concert tour and community website “Michiru’s Room.”